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Welcome fellow travellers.

20 people plus the pcs are going to travel to a new planet to hopefully settle it. I will only put up the major npcs. About 10 are just going to be filler guards.

As of now the pcs that i know will be here are Inquisitor Voth, the Atlanean Dark Eldarian lawman, and Issac Somthing-or-another, who will be a Human Paragon tech-freak

Almost any race is acceptable on the voyage. Only Tieflings and Haflings have a real problem with getting on. They need to either be great liars and have a very well hidden trail or have a nearly spotless background. The only religion not allowed is Malal worshipers, and that’s only because their Team Killing F-tards.

The planet is: Xi Sigma

I also created a new religion because the others could just be too restricting for the Roleplay style i liked, so read on the religion Here

Main Page

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